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@Devoxx ’08 – the java community conference

logodevoxxneg150dpi.jpg Here again, on ex-JavaPolis, this time called Devoxx, but the same atmosphere, incredible geek-crowd, fabulous presentations. And where else could you pay more attention, than in comfortable cinema seats, served with unlimited amount of coffee?After having a quite good presentation about REST, I picked the Grails and Groovy session, to hear some fancy new features, in-depth tricks and so on. Well, it was not in-depth, but was a pretty good overview of the groovy language, right from the most authorized resource, Guillaume Laforge.Did you know that using dynamic typing, is faster? Actually it’s quite obvious, because there is no need to check against the constraints. Groovy has optional typing, which means it supports both static and dynamic typing, you have the opportunity to choose. That also should not be a big surprise, since Java code is a groovy code by default (except for some features, like anonymous inner classes) as well. We were insured that Groovy 1.6 will be out in January ’09. It will get AST transformations, brand-new annotations, and users can define their own annotations. The second part was about Grails, well, again, not many new things popped up, although it was a really nice overview, and also got some sneak peek into the newest version 1.1, what will also come out in January ’09 with improved GORM, and this version will be able to reuse JSP tag libraries as well. Also I felt emphasis on supporting legacy resources in general.All in one, nice to be here, have the technical boost, drink belgian beers, and eat waffles, and see the fellow geeks gathering together once in a while.